The Metin Construction company has been formed to cater for the growing requirement for new homes in Dalyan and the surrounding area. Our company has been active in the  last few years building second homes for many of our hotel customers and friends who fell in love with the area and who decided that they wanted to own their own dream homes in this lovely place.

Our company will handle all aspects of the process whilst in close contact with yourselves.

  1. Choosing your Land. The Metin family has a large amount of land available in the area, if there is nothing that meets your requirements, as one of the oldest families in Dalyan, we will research and find the right plot for you.

  2. The Legal Requirements. We will assist you through all the legal processes necessary for buying land in Turkey

  3. The Design. We will discusss your requirements with the architect and get council approval of your plans.

  4. The Cost. Once the plans are drawn up we will agree a total build price, and list what is included (and what is not) in this.

  5. Additional features. We do not include some features in the basic cost as everybody's requirements are different, therefore we will tailor the design and build to your exact specification and agree costs for these extras such as security grilles, garden sprinklers etc.

  6. Once the total build price and additional feature price is agreed a contract is signed.

  7. Payment will be in stages of the build and up to completion and satisfaction.

To keep you up to date with the building of your property, you will receive regular updated pictures at the important stages in the development of your project.



Here are some external pictures of our latest finished project


and some internal pictures of the same project.